About Us

Not Your Average Cleaners


The Diem Group Unltd is owned and operated by husband and wife team, David and Chrishon Turner. We have collaborated in life and business for 17 years and counting. We are the proud parents of two boys, who are our pride and joy. We enjoy living life to the fullest, spending time with family, running our businesses, and providing opportunities for others to become self-employed. 

The Diem Group was founded on one basic principle which is, providing the best customer service possible to our clients. Impeccable customer service is the cornerstone on which our company was founded. Our motto is, “We ALWAYS treat our clients how we would want to be treated”. We call it, our “Golden Rule” of customer service. 

. The Diem Group is a professional cleaning service that specializes in a range of cleaning services. We have been in the cleaning industry indirectly for 10 years. Through servicing accounts from our pest control company, we noticed numerous buildings that were in desperate need of a quality cleaning service. Identifying the great need for a quality cleaning service inspired us to establish The Diem Group Unltd. To us, commercial cleaning is more than just bleach in a bucket. There are safety protocols and standards to be met in order to ensure all jobs are done properly and thoroughly for the safety of anyone entering the site.  For us, when it comes to health and safety, there's no room for error  Since our conception, we have earned the trust of our clients by continuously providing exceptional customer service. We are always eager to add more satisfied clients to our list. Let’s start by adding your company to that list.